DisruptHR-San Francisco Speakers Announced

The speakers for the San Francisco Bay Area’s first DisruptHR include CEOs, technologists, artificial intelligence experts, human resources thought leaders and others ready to disrupt HR.

Are you tired of the same old approach to Human Resources? Are you ready to start talking about talent and technology in a whole new way? Then DisruptHR is for you.

The rules are each speaker gets 20 slides, 15 seconds a slide, and five minutes. No selling. The audience is encouraged to interact, laugh, cry, tweet, text and have fun.  Food, wine, and beer provided. Plenty of time to socialize and mingle with each other and the speakers.

Please join us and our excellent roster of speakers!

  • Robert Brown, Associate VP, Center for the Future of Work at Cognizant will share “Hominus ex Machina: The Future Shape of Your Work”.
  • Roy Altman, Owner, Peopleserv, Inc. will describe “Creating Organizations that Don’t Steal Your Soul”.
  • Mark Swartz, CEO, NEURAL shares “Human versus AI Resourcing – A Vision of Our Reality”.
  • Albert Yanez Sr., President, Asteelflash – Americas will describe how to use AI to increase employee value regarding “You Don’t Need More Time, You Need to do What Matters”.
  • Susan Bernstein, Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant will share “Get Angry at Work, for a Change” and have a positive impact.
  • Shannon Lucas, Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs, explaining “Purpose for the People”.
  • Christopher Kurtz, Founder and Managing Director of PeerThru regarding the “Power of Tech and Human Diversity”.
  • Victor Assad, CEO of Strategic HR Consulting and Managing Partner of InnovationOne, will present “Break the Box. Bridge the Pieces”.
  • Ganesh Iyer, Founder, dotin.us will share insights regarding “AI Engine that can Tap the Subconscious”.
  • Diana Acosta, Aerospace Engineer at NASA Ames Research Center explores “Inside the Meatball: Ingredients for Healthy Intrapreneurism”.
  • Marti Grimminck, Founder and CEO, International Connector will discuss “Co-designing the Future of Work with Millennials / GenZs”.
  • Mike Zawitkowski, Expert @ Acorn Analytics will share “Predictive Analytics, Streams, and Engagement Big Data”.

Join me on the evening of April 27th, beginning at 5:30 at Domenico’s Winery in San Carlos for the rebellious spirit of HR!

Learn more and register today at Eventbright.

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