‘Hack Recruiting’ goes on sale August 1

HR and recruiting leaders now have a reliable source where they can get clarity on what job candidates want from an employer, the best interviewing and assessment methods, and which digital technologies truly drive value.

The source is my book, Hack Recruiting, which goes on sale August 1.

Hack Recruiting shows how recruiting processes can be leaned out. It also reveals the measures you can use to track your success. And it describes which digital technologies will help your recruiting process operate at lightning speed.

HR leaders now have access to the same digital technology that marketing leaders have been using for years: chatbots, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It is now time to put these technologies to work to find job candidates faster, streamline administration, provide instantaneous communications and reduce the risk of unconscious bias in hiring.

Smartly hacked recruiting processes and methods will mean HR can build employer brand at the scale that marketing leaders have been building customer brand. It means hiring better job candidates faster, reducing the cost per hire, and enabling the profitable growth of your companies.

It is time to step into the sunshine.

The early reviews for Hack Recruiting are in:

“Must read book if you are a recruiter or talent acquisition head. It goes over best practices and hacks each step of recruiting.”

–Sandeep Purwar, Founder/CEO, Bevov

“Victor Assad uncovers longstanding empirical research from industrial/organizational psychologists on how to best match job candidates to jobs and the best of today’s digital technology. He sees a world (that is emerging today) in which AI ontologies (which are identifying information and relationships about today’s global and diverse workforces) will make significant improvements for matching candidates to jobs while reducing recruiting cycle times, costs and selection biases. Victor points out that HR now has the digital tools it needs to dramatically transform recruiting and the role of the recruiter.

“During these times of talent shortages, he encourages CEOs and HR leaders to reach out to America’s forgotten workers and provides helpful screening tips. HR can now build strategic talent pools, improve the employee experience, and digitally collect insightful analytics that will open up a new era of understanding on what truly drives employee performance and innovation. Armed with powerful new digital tools, analytics and measures, Victor asserts, and I would agree, HR can strategically drive business success.”

–Angela Hood, Founder and CEO of ThisWay Global.

Hack Recruiting will be available online Thursday at https://www.barnesandnoble.com/., https://www.archwaypublishing.com/Bookstore/NewReleases.aspx., and www.amazon.com.

Victor Assad is the CEO of Victor Assad Strategic Human Resources Consulting and is a Managing Partner of InnovationOne. He conducts HR assessments, and consults and provides hands-on support to improve recruiting and retention, cultures of innovation, and train agile leaders and teams.

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