Meet Beth White, CEO of MeBeBot

Beth White is the Founder and CEO of MeBeBot, and you can meet Beth in my upcoming video podcast series, Hack Recruiting and HR.

After working in HR for 20 years, Beth founded MeBeBot, a 24/7 virtual HR assistant leveraging chatbot technology to answer commonly asked employee questions. With MeBeBot, HR can create efficiencies, improve communications, and reduce operational costs, allowing HR to pursue more strategic business objectives.

In my debut publication, Hack Recruiting: The Best of Empirical Research, Method and Process, and Digitization, I tell business human resources leaders that HR now has the same digital tools used by marketing to build robust employer brands. With digital technology, HR leaders can transform recruiting, streamline processes, hire faster, cut costs, and digitally track analytics that will open up a new era of understanding on what truly drives employee performance and innovation.

You can order Hack Recruiting online at Amazon, Archway Publishing, and Barnes and NobleHack Recruiting has received excellent pre-release reviews and five-star ratings on Amazon.

Those who buy Hack Recruiting before October 1, 2019, will have access to my new video podcast series with leading HR technologists and innovators–such as Beth.

After purchasing Hack Recruiting, please email me a copy of your digital receipt with your name to with the subject line: “Enroll me in the video podcast series!”


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