Check out my podcast on Workology about how to create a strategic recruiting process and plan

Check out my podcast episode with @workology discussing How to Create a Strategic Recruiting Process and Plan. Listen now.

Podcast Description by Jessica Miller-Merrell of Workology

Victor shares why it’s a critical point for HR and recruitment. He says that HR processes haven’t always been treated as seriously as other essential business processes, such as manufacturing, sales, marketing, or R&D. Victor says that when you have a high volume process in HR for recruiting or performance management, HR needs to work with business leaders to help them understand how to manage these processes just as effectively as those other processes.

Being a technologist is part of the #HR job description these days, as much so as it is. And a marketing leader and a leader in R&D leader. It’s imperative for digital technology to improve processes. – @vicotorassad2 #hrtech #podcastCLICK TO TWEET

Victor also shares that everyone in the process should be trained for it and they should have predictive measures and final measures. This is different than the past in HR where it was siloed, sometimes I feel it was intentionally kept secret instead of readily shared. By sharing and training recruiting processes and expertise with others within the organization, Victor says, we drive profitable growth for these companies. We’re all in this together. It’s imperative for businesses because of the economic benefit as well as the number of technologies at our disposal to dramatically transform recruiting, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, block chain, and chat bots, among others.


How to Ensure Business Success in Human Resources 


Victor breaks down things for us into three different categories.  He says the first way to ensure business success is through HR transformation, starting with the understanding of all the great empirical evidence of our profession, particularly around the best selection methods for hiring high performing employees and reducing human bias. We cannot and should not allow bias in selecting the people to hire in our organizations, In addition, it is important to know the competencies of your best employees when planning to add to your workforce.

Victor says the second critical component is creating and establishing processes and measures for hiring at low as well as high volumes, similar to a manufacturing line. When recruiting is high volume, we need to run it just as seriously as a leaned-out manufacturing process. When everyone knows how to interview, to select the best people, resists first impressions or other human bias, and we measure our progress, he says, we can do great things for organizations to build their capability.

Digital technology is the third critical element according to Victor and shares with me that when you bring in digital technology that supports those processes and transformation, everyone can feel it’s impact. He calls it the grand slam in HR and recruiting. And that’s because technology helps you scale and do things like automating paperwork, administration, instantaneous communications with job candidates and employees, and collecting analytics and measures. This tech increases your ability to find outstanding job candidates, build relationships with them, and recruit them. It’s extraordinary when you begin to do this.




I love Victor’s points because the transformation itself is bigger than HR or even the technology. In our current talent marketplace, innovation is more important than ever. While we have a tendency to fall into “shiny object syndrome” with all of the tools and tech available today, understanding where we can get started to reduce a sense of being overwhelmed is the most productive way to approach tech adoption. I appreciate Victor sharing his knowledge with us today. Connect with Victor Assad.




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