Oct 28 – Driving bias out of recruiting, performance management, and promotions

Join me and the @SHRM NorCal community for a fresh look at how to take bias out of recruiting, performance management, pay and promotions. Enroll here.

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the divisions in our national politics have dramatically raised the topic of race relations and equality at work. Diversity and inclusion is frequently a difficult subject of “haves” and “have-nots,” with perceptions on all sides of preferential treatment of the other.

HR has the methods, validated assessments and now the digital technology to significantly drive bias out of the decisions made to hire, reward and promote employees.

This webcast will identify many of the methods, assessments and digital technologies available to help with this work and will show HR leaders how to use these tools to improve hiring and promotion decisions, organizational performance, employee experience, and diversity and inclusion.


-Learn about the selection and digital technologies that accurately and reliably result in hiring high-performing employees without bias.

-Discover how to use validated assessments in the hiring, succession planning and promotion processes.

-Learn how to discern validated and reliable assessments from the bright, shiny objects.

-Learn how to create a strategy and plan for your business and budget.

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